Spring Cleaning with the Blended Blog

April 16, 2018, by Shaunacey Bonneville

Hi all, Shaunacey here. I know, you don't see me much around these parts but the lovely Nicole was scheduled to do this post and I wouldn't let her because she's sick ;) I'm nice like that sometimes.

It's ironic that I'm doing a cleaning post because, well, I'm not exactly on top on this up in chalet-Shaunacey. I blame the 3 children.

Seriously though, people talk about Spring Cleaning like it's a "thing" and I suppose that if there's ANY time of year I find myself itching to clean or organize all the things, it's the Spring (although, we're currently experiencing a snow/freezing rain storm of epic proportions so "Spring" hasn't exactly sprung around these parts) but I've never really had a "Spring cleaning plan". Luckily, Nicole shared with me Simplified an Instagram account that may very well change your cleaning life. Why is it awesome? Concrete, manageable tasks to get yourself cleaning and organzing this Spring. Plus, it's a pretty account, so that's always nice ;)

I am actually VERY curious to know what other people think about Spring Cleaning? Do you have a game plan? How organized are you? Checklists? Or maybe nothing at all? Tell me all the things!! If you have sites you follow, please share (I need all the help I can get)

As per usual we're doing a linkup (below) and we'd love for you to share your Spring Cleaning tips, tricks, tools, schedules etc. below!

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