Tasty Tuesday - What I Want to Make

April 03, 2018, by Sarah

Hello! Sarah here, from Foxy's Domestic Side. Welcome to the first Tuesday of the month, which means we're sharing the recipes we've been making! I had big plans to share a beef strew recipe, but life happened and the editing didn't happen...but I did have a great Easter weekend with the family. Instead I thought I would share some things I've been saving from Facebook, you know those yummy looking videos you see? Yep, I've decided I'm going to actually make them and then report back to you all. So here are some recipes I'm wanting to make.

Crock pot Cabbage Soup, must make this soon before it gets too hot to want to eat soup.

Anything with a creamy mushroom sauce, I'm in. This looks really good, although somewhat time consuming maybe? We'll see. I will make this!

I really love Brussels sprouts but add some cheese and bacon holy cow, when can I make this? Mr. can't eat Brussels Sprouts, but I might have to make this next time we have company. Sorry can't embed the video, they turned that off function.

Funny story about this recipe, my friend recently posted about it and I saved it to my recipes collection on FB. As I was posting it here, I realized I've already made this! It's super good, you should all make it. It freezes really well too, so make it once get two dinners.  Win.

A friend said she made this and it was fantastic...so I decided to add it to the list too. Easy and healthy meal for the family, I'm in.

This one I'm not so sure of...I like meatloaf, I like lasagna...but not sure if together? I guess it's sort of like having the meat sauce in the lasagna but instead it's on the outside? Hmm...might have to think about this one.

Now you know what I'm planning on making, what have you been making? Link up down below!