Long Weekend Celebrations!

May 21, 2018, by Sheila DelCharco

This month we are focusing on an Entertainment Theme for our Monday link ups. Today I'm talking about long weekend celebrations since we have one coming up in the USA! What do YOU do when you have a long weekend? Do you travel? Do you stay home?

In the past we have done a little of both. Some years I'm working as a homeschool curriculum consultant that long weekend. Other years the convention falls on a different weekend (like this year, yay!) and we can do something fun.

The Beach

We live in North East Florida which means that we don't live far from the beach. You would think that after living 17 years in this town we would want to escape the beach, but we LOVE it and can't get enough! My mom instilled my love for the beach early in my life and it's still a strong passion. Despite the murky waters, I still swim in the ocean, taking my chances. I know that there are sharks and that an attack is possible, but it doesn't stop me. I also know that a car accident or plane accident are also possible but it doesn't stop me from driving or flying!

The Mountains

Since Florida is FLAT, we do like to get up to the mountains and enjoy fresh mountain air, rushing streams, white water, and panoramas. From our house, we can get to the mountains in about 7 hours. We have camped or stayed in cabins over the year, taking the kids hiking, whitewater rafting, "rock mining," apple picking, and skiing - depending on the season. We do love the mountains (but not as much as  the beach.)


Staycations can be fun too! One year, we checked into a hotel at the beach and got surfing lessons (me included!), ate out at a diner that we had never been to before, then went to a friend's CD release concert. Other times we've taken the kids to the zoo, a rails-to-trails bike path, or to a water park. You can explore towns within a two-hour driving area and find fun things to do there. I heard a podcast last week that talks about staying in your hometown. I think it's worth a listen. (You can read about my favorite podcasts HERE.)
Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, FL

Taking a break from the daily grind, the household chores, and the usual hang out spots is a great way to connect and make memories, whether you have children still at home or not. On Friday our baby graduated from high school and turns 18 next week so on Saturday we had a great graduation/birthday party for her. I had gone through the photo albums to find baby pictures of her for a slide show and to display at the party. I had so much fun going down memory lane as I flipped through the years and all the things we had done!

Now that my kids are grown, my husband and I will continue making memories together. Now we get to go do things WE want to do like touring wineries, distilleries and botanical gardens!

I'm happy that my kids have caught the adventurous travel bug from us. My oldest son is spending a year traveling the US in his conversion van-turned-tiny-home. He spent about a month in San Diego working as a surf instructor. Now he's in Colorado about to start a job as a whitewater rafting guide.
Our middle son spent a month is Spain last year and is returning to Europe in a month for a six-week summer semester in Greece, followed by some travel through Eastern Europe with a friend.

Our daughter has plans to follow in his footsteps the following summer but this summer she is working at Trader Joe's so she can buy a car before she starts college in August.

Your turn! Share what you like to do on long weekends in the comments below or link up your post with us!