Camping Foods

June 25, 2018, by Shaunacey Bonneville

I'm technically writing this post on the first day of summer soooooo there really is no better time to talk about camping and, more specifically, camping FOOD!

In case you're wondering, no, it's no coincidence I'm doing ANOTHER food post. I like food. A LOT.

So let's get down to business. First, I'll share a little secret I used to LOVE camping but somewhere along the line I developed a rather significant fear of bears sooo camping to me basically means being wide awake in a tent all night listening for any rustling that could indicate impending doom. FUN. Having said that, I LOVE the daytime aspects of camping and, most importantly, THE FOOD.

We've got a cottage trip coming up and the foods will be much the same as if we were camping.

Here are my must-have camping foods:

S'MORES! - you absolutely, unequivocally cannot go camping, or trailer-ing, or cottaging without s'mores. Please do NOT forget the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. You'll have sincere camping food regret if you do.

Hot dogs - have you had a hot dog cooked on a stick in a fire? YUM! Anything cooked on a stick in a fire just evokes an extra pride-infused yumminess. There's also the whole "I didn't drop my ____(enter food of choice) in the fire"... because someone always drops one in the fire.

Jiffy pop - if you haven't cooked popcorn over a fire, you haven't LIVED! It's fun, exhilarating and slightly dangerous lol. It takes talent not to burn it as well. You think you got what it takes? Add it to your pre-camping shopping list.

Steak - I think this is one of my faves no matter where I am, but I always make sure it's on the camping/cottage menu.

Coffee - not technically food but this lady goes nowhere without her morning coffee. There are a TON of ways to make coffee while camping, including some really fancy gadgets!

There's a quick summary of my fave camping foods - what foods are on your list? Comment and/or linkup your posts below!

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