Friday Loves with TBB August 3

August 03, 2018, by Alison @ Puppies and Pretties

Woah, August. Where did you come from? I feel like yesterday was June and I'm going to blink and it will be Christmas. Anyway, I have a sad little story for you today. I play sand volleyball every Wednesday and we had a double header this week. There was a chance of storms but it wasn't raining when we started even though we could see the storms moving just north of us. As we started the second set of the first game it started to rain. NBD, a little rain isn't bad. Then it started to pour. I'm talking it almost hurt to stand in and you couldn't look up because the rain went right into your eyes. Not conducive to volleyball playing. We finished the set and then took a time out in the hopes that it would eventually let up. I checked my phone in my bag (which was under a little shelter on a bench). There was a bit of water in there so I moved my bag a bit and didn't think anything of it as we went back out to play the last set and then another game. After we finished I opened my bag to find water standing in it. Including around my phone. FML. So my phone has sat in a bag of rice all day Thursday with the brightness way up in the hopes of drying it out. It's still working, so I'll take it. I was planning on upgrading my phone sometime in the next few months, but that might have to move up a bit now 😂

So in honor of new phones, here are some cute cell phone covers from Casetify that I want now that a new phone is in my near future! I really didn't intend to pull all of options from there, but I found too many that I loved.

  1. Cats: does it get any better than funny looking cats? I think not.
  2. Reading: My head is always buried in a book, so this fits perfectly. But she should be wearing sweatpants or leggings, not jeans :)
  3. Palm print: Kind of a classic right?
  4. Glitter: At first, I didn't really like this one. But then I switched the phone color and was SOLD. Perfect if you have a dark colored phone.
  5. Leather pocket: I had one similar to this and it was certainly handy. You can even customize the sleeve color and put your initials on it!
Which one is your favorite?

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