Friday Loves: Going Back To Where We Started

October 19, 2018, by Sarah

Hi Friends! Sarah here from Foxy's Domestic Side. As most of you know, or maybe you don't, a few of us met up over the past week in Hilton Head. We laughed, we talked, we shopped, we ate, shopped some more and did a little beaching (yep made that an adj. just now). Anyway, we also did a little Blended Blog talk and decided that we're going to go back to the roots of this link up and share people around the blog world that we've been loving. How can you be featured you might ask? Well link up with us for our Monday prompts...

And link up using the prompt from our Wednesday fashion post, and you can be chosen. We want to try and create a community here, so try and follow the prompts with us and meet some link minded woman.

Lets start with last Friday. I'm loving Emily from A Little Bit of Emily and her sharing her fun flea market find, I want something from him too, now where to put it!

Our Monday feature is Amanda from Cardio Cabernet and a Keyboard, she is sharing 7 tips to a healthy lifestyle. Her tip #1...good point girl, I need to do that! You'll want to go see the other 6, as all of them are really helpful.


Our Wednesday graphic tee feature is Sydnee, and her "There's No Crying In Baseball" tee is perfect for right now. I know in my house we're watching all things Dodgers. Plus she gives a bunch of other cute graphic tee choices from Target, everyone's favorite store. Go check out her cute blog and tell her hi! Cause we all love a good comment.

Now link up who you've been loving reading lately! Let's spread the love and meet new people.