Teeth Whitening: An honest review from a wine and coffee drinker

October 25, 2018, by Christy

I've always wanted to whiten my teeth.

One time I went as far as to get the impressions done at the dentist to find out that it wasn't covered by my health plans to I decided against it.  So, when Smile Brilliant sent me their teeth whitening kit that included making impressions of my own teeth, I was all in!

The package arrived and I was a little nervous but equally excited.  Making the impressions was surprisingly easier than I thought. The directions were great and I had no problems getting my impression molds done and back in the mail to await my trays.

I excitedly took my before photos, very optimistic that in a few short weeks my teeth would be whiter and my smile brighter.  I've seen the before and afters and the results were undeniably good.  I couldn't wait to get my trays back.

When the trays arrived a week later they fit perfect.  I read the instructions and pulled everything out of the box after the kids went to bed.

Lesson #1:  You have to wear the trays for 45 min to 2.5 hours.

I didn't know that is was going to take so long.  Since my kids go to bed at 9, my first treatment was only a 45 minute one so I could get myself to bed. Note to self to start earlier tomorrow. The second and subsequent treatments I did for 2 hours or more each time.

Lesson #2:  Don't forget to use the desensitizing gel.

The first 2 times I did not use the gel and my gums really bothered me.  I had no sensitivity on my teeth but my gums really hurt when I brushed my teeth.  I read the directions again and it said to use the gel after every treatment.  Oops. I guess i didn't read the instructions that closely.

Lesson #3: Take progress photos.

I took lots and lots of pictures.  I wanted to be able to monitor my progress.  I stood in front of a window and took a selfie.  It was really hard to get consistent lighting even if you stood in the same window at the same time of day.

Lesson #4:  Don't take weekends off.

After 4 days of having the trays in my mouth for 2.5 hours and then the gel for 30 min I wasn't able to eat at all in the evenings.  I love my night time snacks and my wine. So... I decided to take the weekends off. I did not do the treatments on Friday and Saturday and allowed my self my night time snacks.

Lesson #5:  Reduce wine and coffee consumption.

These are the 2 things I consume that are probably causing my staining and truthfully I did not reduce.  Maybe I should have but it didn't say anywhere not to consume coffee and wine and if it did, I wouldn't have agreed to do the treatments since wine and coffee make me a better person.  Ha!

Lesson #6:  Prepare to be hungry.

While I was wearing the trays for the majority of the night I couldn't eat.  I swear I lost a couple pounds over the course of the 3 weeks that I was doing the treatments.  Once you take the trays out you can't eat after so from the time I put them in at 7 until the time I was done around 10 there was no eating allowed.  I had a carbonated water when I was done because I just felt like I wanted to eat something

Lesson 7: You can wear the trays in public.

You must also be wondering as a busy hockey mom how I was staying home from 7pm on every night.... I wasn't!  I started wearing them in public. They fit so good and really they just look like invisalign so no one even asked me about them.  Not even the kids.

Lesson #8: Great service.

My contact at Brilliant Smile was great at checking in and answering all my questions.  When I had sensitively she reminded me about the gel and was happy to discuss whatever issue i had.  When I told her that i wasn't seeing the results I hoped for . She told me to cut back on wine and coffee and keep going.  That's when I pulled the plug.

Lesson 9: If I have to cut back on wine and coffee this program is not for me.

So at this point I realized I was done.  I was not seeing good enough results to continue on and cut out the 2 things in life (besides my family) that I can't live without!

When I discussed this with my consultant she explained that it could be that the natural color of my enamel is not as white as most and that maybe my teeth are just not as white as others.  This is possible. And you know what? I am okay with that.

Lesson 10:  Having white teeth didn't turn out be that important to me.

Yes, I wish my teeth were whiter. But give up wine and coffee to get there... not going to happen.

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