Bedder Covers

November 20, 2018, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Hello friends!
I’m Sheila and I used to be part of the Blended Blog team. Then I decided to step back from blogging (my blog is Making the Most of Every Day [] ) and since nature abhors a vacuum, the time I had dedicated to blogging became time to help my husband’s side hustle. And that’s why I’m guest posting today!
As I’ve started preparing my Christmas shopping list, I was reflecting on just how hard it is to shop for some people. You want to get them something thoughtful, and maybe useful, but not break the budget, right? Guys can be some of the hardest people to buy for. They usually go buy what they want when they want it, leaving you wondering what to get them that will demonstrate just a little bit how much you love and appreciate them.

If one of those guys – husband, father, brother, boyfriend – is a truck owner, we have just the thing! A Bedder Cover is a useful gift that your truck owners will WANT! They can keep one in their truck for whenever they may need it! (Just to be clear, girl truck owners may want this, too! I just struggle with what to buy my dad each year. My mom is usually pretty easy.)

A Bedder Cover does a much better job than a tarp. It covers your load - whether it's furniture, electronic equipment, camping gear, or a load of hay - and protects it from wind, dirt, and rain. Tarps flap and leak and are just not the right tool for the job!

So not only did I want to let you know about this innovative product, I also wanted to tell you that for two days only - Black Friday and Small Business Saturday - you can save 40% off a Bedder Cover when you order it online from our website. Use the code HOLIDAY40 at check out on either November 23 or 24. It has never been this low!

And if YOU are the truck owner, let your loved ones know that this would make a great gift for you! You can get this deal at and use code HOLIDAY40 at checkout. But only for those two days! From November 25 to December 15 you can still save 25% by using code HOLIDAY25.
You can breathe a sigh of relief for those people on your list. Good luck with the others!