Creative Tips

November 01, 2018, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Use Your Creativity With These Extraordinary Tips 

 Photo credit: Joel Filipe

A creative person is not created. They are born with a gift of seeing things differently than the rest of us. They use their energy to filter ordinary things and see them in extraordinary ways. To quote the late Emile Zola, “If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.”

Today we have technology. And technology gives us access to the world around us. It allows us to see through the lens that artists use. It allows us to express in print what we design. Art expresses beauty and ideas that words cannot describe. When we touch a sculpture that was once just rock, when we see the beauty of architecture, and when we hear the beauty of music, we are getting a slight glimpse of the world through the eyes of a creative person.

When people experience the sun shining through pieces of colored glass or when we touch granite that had been shaped and sanded by hand, it touches our hearts. When we watch a dancer mover her body as if she is one with the music, we are spiritually moved.

Expression in this age of technology 

 Photo credit: Ales Nestril 

As technology was born, people who may not have had the skill that is in their minds onto paper, were suddenly able to express themselves. Suddenly, people could see inspirational quote pictures and relate to each other. They could suddenly find words to express the depths of their feelings. 

People began to learn something about society and people as a whole. We understand that we can use what someone else created to express ourselves, but that is not as satisfying as being able to create our personal and unique creativity.

 This gave the current generation a hunger for finding their outlet and growing their creativity. This is evident in people who dance. They are transformed when they slip into their dancing costume and become a new creation. As they move to the music, they communicate with the audience through pure energy. The audience leaves the theater with power in their souls, and emotionally touched. 

Photo credit: Hudson Hintze

Why does it matter? 

No matter what your business, personal site, blog network, or marketing strategy consists of, we all have the same tools. However, we do not use those tools in the same way. We have to find our own creativity. Yes, you can receive positive energy by exposing yourself to the creativity of others. But, to fulfill your life, you need to focus on finding your gifts of expression. Once you find it, adapt it to fit your lifestyle. At that point, you will begin to nourish your creativity.

Photo Credit: Josh Apple 


The American Psychological Association conducted a study on the creativity in people. They concluded that no scientific proof exists that one person has more creativity than another. This suggests that each of can live our lives creatively. There is no right or wrong way to express creativity. When a person goes to school, college, and on to a career, they are restrained. They must conform to the boundaries of the environment they are in. Many people become so accustomed to confirmation that they dare not venture past what is allowed.

 If that same person, decides to broaden their creativity, they are often amazed at what they are capable of. It is often a matter of awakening your senses.

Bring your natural creativity out in yourself 

There are many ways to spark your natural abilities. First, you must consider how long you have forced these talents into submission? If you have never tried to use them, you need a few tips to begin. Expect your mind to fight you. You have conditioned yourself to think and behave a certain way. Please note, these are not a do “it and forget it exercises.” Each of these is steps that you are absorbed in your mind. Here are some easy ways to begin:

  •  To begin, you must search your soul. Many people begin with meditation 
  •  Yoga is a good way to start, but any form of meditation will help. This is going to be one of the hardest things you will have to master. In essence, you are unlocking your mind and taking control. You are forcing open parts of your mind that are dormant. Push yourself. Do not give up on this practice. Learning to awaken your mind can be stressful, and you need to know how to handle that stress. 
  • Experience music that you have never listened to before Most of us like one or two types of music. Sometimes classical music or music in a different language that our own is not even considered. Begin going to concerts. Listen past the words. Try to identify a particular instrument that is being played. Practice this with the intention of feeling what the musician is feeling. 
  • Travel in unique ways You do not have to go far but go to the nearest place to take a dinner cruise or evening boat ride. Go out of town on a bike trip and go stargazing in the mountains or the desert. Hike into the mountains and try to identify various plants, animals, or insects. 
  • Take a singing class, dance class, or painting class. 
  • Join a book club. 
  •  Experience foods from different nations. 
  • Volunteer with programs in your city to find out how other people live. 


 Do not wait until you have completed everything on your list to tap into the feelings. Keep a journal of what you see, feel, smell, taste, and hear.

 Begin using the internet to find things around you that you didn’t know was there. Learn to tap into the energy of everyone and everything around you. This will spark your thoughts and your creativity will grow.