How We Celebrate: Changing Traditions

December 31, 2018, by Whitney

Happy New Year's Eve, blogging buddies!  Whitney here, to talk a little bit about how I've celebrated the holidays this year.

Now, I'm a big lover of Christmas and all of the traditions that come with it!  But over the last few years, some big transitions in our family have forced some changes to our holiday traditions.  My sister's growing family has settled in Colorado, my cousins are getting married and moving across the country, and I've gotten engaged and now have Justin's whole family to celebrate with.  While all of these life events are wonderful, I found myself feeling a bit sad this year that I wouldn't be spending Christmas day with all of my family members.

Luckily I'm blessed with a fiancé who is truly sensitive to my feelings and supported me through this transition.  We decided to create a few new traditions of our own to look forward to over the years as our extended family will continue to change and grow.

From now on, Justin and I will take Christmas morning for just the two of us.  We'll open our stocking stuffers and then treat ourselves to a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls (an old tradition) bagels and lox (a new tradition), coffee and cranberry mimosas.  We'll eat a leisurely breakfast while watching a Christmas movie.  This year we watched Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.  And after a relaxing morning, we'll open our Christmas presents from each other.

I still missed my parents, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew who celebrated in Colorado this year, but I'm so pleased with Justin and my new tradition!  So friends, if you're struggling with holiday transitions, my best advice is to create a new tradition to look forward to year after year!

Make sure to share your "how I celebrated" posts below and happy new year to you and yours!