The Night Before Christmas

December 19, 2018, by Christy

In my family, the night before Christmas, aka Christmas Eve, we get to open one gift.  That gift is always new PJs.  You see, my kids don't wear PJs on the regular and every kid needs at least one pair to bring to sleep overs and to wear on Christmas morning.

This year, our theme is onesie PJs.  Since I don't have a pair, I decided to gift myself a pair as well as the kids.

Instead of choosing a Christmas pattern, I wanted something more wintery so I can wear them all winter.  This blue snowflake print was perfect.

It has built in slippers that can be taken off.

It even has a hood for extra warmth.

The best part is that I ordered all the onesies from Amazon Prime and they landed on my doorstep a few days later.  

This is what I am wearing the night before Christmas.... what are YOU wearing?  Link up and show us!