An Old Love - TBB Style

February 27, 2019, by Shelly @ The Queen in Between

Welcome to the last TBB Style linkup for February!  Todays prompt is all about showing off the oldest or most loved item in your closet.  Shelly here from The Queen in Between blog and sometimes I think I may need a twelve step program to help me part with old pieces in my closet!  

It's easy for me to let an item go if it is showing wear and I can drop trendy pieces which have gone out of style.  Denim or military style jackets, however, seem to last forever and it's hard to find a reason to replace them.  Cocktail dresses are also sometimes hard for me to toss as well.  It's a reminder to me that investing in quality, timeless pieces really do bring more bang for the buck.  

Today I'm showing off a dress which has been in my closet since 2008!  In a past life I shopped primarily at local boutiques and purchased name brands such as this Ivy Jane dress.  They truly are amazing quality and this dress I have loved since the day I put it on!  Bonus it evidently didn't appeal to many others and I snagged on sale!  
It works in the spring with booties, in the winter with tall boots and a denim jacket and in the spring I can grab a nude heel and push it a little longer.  I always love the way I feel when I wear this dress!  Isn't that really the biggest selling point?  

Be sure to check the prompts below and be ready to link up with The Blended Blog in March!  Now grab your oldest or most loved piece and linkup today and be sure to give some love to the weekly contributors to The Blended Blog. 

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