Sharing Acts of Kindness

February 18, 2019, by Shelly @ The Queen in Between

Be kind!  It seems this is in the forefront lately and we are always reminding our kids and others how important it is to be kind.  Do we always take the extra time to show kindness to others?  Or do you have good intentions but feel nervous about acting?

Acts of Kindness

Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. There are so may easy ways you can find to be kind every day of course but here are a few fun ways to do something a little more intentional today!  

Ways to show kindness that are budget freindly! 
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood
  • Gather and return the carts at the grocery store 
  • Compliment someone 
  • Leave sticky notes with positive affirmations in random public spaces
  • Leave coupons taped to items in Target or the Grocery store (diapers is always a great one)
  • Send a note or letter to someone who has impacted your life 
  • Purge your closets and donate towels to a local animal shelter or blankets/coats to a homeless shelter
  • Write a prayer list and intentionally pray over others
Or a few if you have a little extra budget for kindness!
  • Leave an extra large tip for your waitress or leave a pack of new pens
  • Pay for someones meal
  • Make some baked goods and deliver to someone who needs a little pick me up d 
  • Grab a gift card or candy bar at the check out to give to the cashier
  • Grab some flowers and hand them out to unsuspecting patrons in the grocery store
  • Deliver dinner to a family 
  • Share a motivational book with a friend
  • Leave some extra change in a vending machine 
And don't forget you can also just be kind at home to your own family by doing many of these same things! Do someone else's chore without expecting a thing in return.   

Countless other ways but I hope this little list will get your juices flowing!  Participating in random acts of kindness with your family can be such a fun experience and everyone walks away with a little extra joy in their hearts!  

Now it's your turn to share your heart for kindness.  

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