The recreation of an outfit.

February 13, 2019, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Once upon a time I was a blogger who loved fashion.  I joined fashion challenges, I planned outfits, I faithfully followed fashion bloggers and I pinned outfits galore.  Nowadays my fashion consists of parkas, tuques, mukluks and mittens....which sadly isn't something that you find regularly pinned as a desirable outfit.   My passion has been refocused.

Nevermind Pinterest, I have barely opened it up in years.  Do people still use it? 

In honour of today's post (which was always one of my fave things to do), I went back to Pinterest to find my "Outfits to Recreate" board to see what I was liking back in the day.  You can follow it below...maybe I'll even go into a Pinterest-revival and start adding things again.

Outfits to Recreate

And for today's post I am recreating an outfit from one of my favourite fashion bloggers...but you'll have to hop over to my blog, Shoes to Shiraz, to see it. 

I'm sneaky that way. 

I's tough to picture someone dressed in multiple layers being sneaky, but I swear I am.

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