Monday Chat: Online Shopping!

March 25, 2019, by Christy

Here we are, the last Monday in March and the topic is online shopping.  

Here in Canada, Nordstrom does not have the same great return policies that I hear they have for our neighbors to the south, otherwise I think that may be my fave store to buy online!  Boo Nordstrom, boo.  I consider myself to be a pretty savvy online shopper who rarely visits malls anymore.  Who has time for that these days?  

These are my top online shopping rules that I try to adhere to:

1. Never pay for shipping.  Add something in your cart that you can return later.  Or keep.  

2. Make sure returns are free. At least make sure you can return locally to the store at no cost.  I recently ordered a jacket online from Le Chateau and I didn't look at the return policy because I thought I could return to the store.  Wrong.  I will NEVER order online from them again.  For the record I called and told them it was a stupid policy and they still didn't cover the return shipping.  Shame on you Le Chateau. 

3.  Always search for an online promo code. I find Retail Me Not is the most reliable. 

4. Read comments.  Only buy items where reviews are positive.   Comments often include tips on how an item fits so you can decide on size.  

5. Look at the estimated arrival date.  No ones wants to wait more than a week for their coveted item!

Based on this, the stores that I find myself buying from time and time again are The Gap, The Bay, Simons, Amazon, and Sephora to name a few.  

Where do your online purchases come from ans so you have and other tips to make your shopping a success? Link up below and share!!
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