January Wrap-Up

January 28, 2016, by Sarah

Here are some of our contributors favorite posts from their individual blogs this past month:

Shaunacy's Go to Winter Look this year, comfy, but can be dressed up or down. Perfect!

 Shaunacey started her first link up with her Monday Moments of  Gratitude. Come share you weekly Moments of Gratitude.

Carrie shares her favorite outfits from 2015.

Carrie decided to take a step back from obtaining more and enjoy her winter wardrobe capsule and do a  Shop Free for 3. It's not too late to join, Let's be free for 3!

Sarah needed to get out of her hair rut, so she challenged herself to do more with her hair in 2016. She also created her first link up with the #hairchallenge2016. Join her any week, link-ups are every Wednesday!

Sarah made this checkered Rainbow Cake for Baby Fox's birthday. Come see how she made it, it's simpler an you think! Really!

Deena's Bucket List revisited

The tale of Lucia and the brain machine: A look at our journey with a growth hormone deficiency.

Lisa takes 15 wardrobe staples and creates 20 head-to-toe looks.

Lisa is trying to get into more rings, now she just needs to decide which one is for her

Sheila is continuing her series "Tuesdays with Tina" where she interviews her mom about growing up in Naples, Italy in post-World War 2 Italy. Sheila's mom was the first baby born in a bomb shelter in Naples in 1943.

As part of a health challenge, Sheila explores how many pounds a person has to lose to drop a dress size. The January challenge is about to wrap up. If you are interested in joining for February, keep an eye on her blog for information on the next one!

Didn't it seem like the month of January was taken over by Powerball craziness??  Got me thinking a lot about what I'd do with a billion dollars if I had it!!  A girl can dream...
Sitting home on a Snow Day I created the first installment of my You Might be a Teacher if...Enjoy!!

Look what I discovered one weekend from bed while nursing my sick Prince Charming back to health...ShopSpring, a one-stop, online shopping experience that features over 800 brands in one neat, little webpage or app with an edgy, boutique-y feel.

Several years ago, I was more aware of all of the little miracles that made up my day. Having discovered Shaunacey's MondayMoments of Gratitude link-up, I am having to blow the dust off my miracle detector and get better at recognizing them again.  Join me as I begin making a more conscious effort to look for what I have always called ‘little miracles’.

Find out why Lana is banning the year 2016
Lana is on a mission to wear every piece of clothing in her closet before she buys one more thing!

Nicole remembers her Nana on the 13th anniversary of her passing
Nicole summarizes December in her month in numbers post. ( yes there is a hole in her ceiling )

The weather outside might be frightful, but a cute beanie will make it better!