New Year, New Home

January 19, 2016, by Sarah

Each year I don't necessarily set resolutions, but I set some goals. 2012 I worked on jewelry, as in I wore none of it, so I wanted to try and figure out the whole jewelry game. 2013 I worked on my wardrobe, also when I met all of the fabulous ladies for The Blended Blog! 2014 I worked some more on my jewelry and wardrobe together and 2015.

Which brings us to this post, and what I'm working on this year. This year I've decided I'm going to work on our house. We moved in 6 years ago and our walls are still pretty bare. We spent so much time working on getting all of the holes out of the walls that it felt so hard to put them back in. This was our Master bedroom/bath

I know we won't get done everything that I want to do, you know the whole money thing, but I think we'll be able to get some of it done. Here's what I want to do...get some pictures on the walls! I would love to get some really big pictures on our stair case (yes when I took this picture we were in the process of taking our Christmas tree down).

And do something with this space, probably a picture or something above our entry way table.

Along with above our bed. I'm thinking I want to move the picture that is above our fireplace above our bed and then do some sort of three picture mural picture above the fireplace...thoughts?

(Yep that's a castle and a fisher price door and a slide in our bedroom. You know, just a daycare in our bedroom, haha!)

Another spot I think is doable to change is the drapes in our Master bath. When we moved in and got the bathtub, we just wanted to use it and not flash the whole neighborhood, but were somewhat house poor, so we bought some SUPER cheap drapes from Big Lots and called it a day. I've tried everything to gets those fold lines out of there, nothing has worked! (and of course you can't see them in this picture). But we want to get some better hardware and some better drapes in here.

The last thing on the list (but I think it's going to be the first thing we fix) is our kitchen. We want to get someone to refinish our cabinets (the previous owner painted them an awful off-white color and you can actually see paint drips, and all of the hinges are crooked, which makes non of the cabinets line up. So we'd like those replace those, along with the hardware. We also need a new kitchen faucet (our current one broke and is barely hanging in there).

Oh and on the eventual list we are going to replace that back splash. We'll see what we have in the budget this year...but this is what is on my list I'd like to get done this year. Fingers crossed...

Anyone else planning some home improvements?

Sarah is a regular contributor of The Blended Blog. She is an engineer and Mom of 2 just trying to bring out her creative side through her blog, Foxy's Domestic Side.