Featured Friday: Gina from On the Daily Express

March 18, 2016, by Daily Style Finds

Happy Friday, Everyone!  It's Lisa from Daily Style Finds. Today, I am excited to introduce a supportive blogging friend of mine, Gina, who blogs over at On the Daily Express. As indicated by her blog name - Gina loves shopping at Express, and her blog started as a way to share what she bought at Express, but also to engage with fellow shoppers and readers.  She has a great sense of style - and some of my favorite posts are her Men-spiration posts - where she re-creates male-approved outfits of well dressed men.  She also shares her Pinterest-inspired hits and misses.  Gina posts her daily look on Instagram - so be sure to follow her.  (If you are looking for tips on creating great looking Instagram outfit photos - follow her for tips. She has perfected the outfit shot.)

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What is your favorite style season (fall, spring, summer, winter) and why? 

I am definitely in the minority of bloggers when I say this, but my favorite style season is Summer! It just makes getting dressed so easy! There are less layers to worry about coordinating, and I've always loved wearing sandals over other kinds of shoes. My feet are happiest when they get to breathe!

What hobbies do you have other than blogging? 

I take dance classes every week at a local studio and it's a blast. The ladies who attend regularly are all fun, friendly and supportive, so each class feels like our Girls' Night Out. I'm also in Tae Kwon Do and training for a Black Belt. I have quite a ways to go on that goal but both of my kids earned their Black Belts in 2015 and that really motivates me to keep going and stick with it, considering I "forced" them (according to them!) to do the same!

What has been the biggest challenge with blogging?
The amount of time it takes to keep up with a blog (including social media) is far beyond what I expected. I was a regular blog reader before starting my own blog, and once I started mine I quickly learned that a post that takes someone five minutes to read can take five hours (or more!) for a blogger to put together. It looks a lot easier/faster to create content than it is, and that doesn't include the time it takes to do things like engage with the community with comments, etc. I started my blog when both of my kids went to elementary school full time and I thought it would be easy to write a post in an hour or so every day while they were in school and that would be that! Instead, I've had to continually evolve my post schedule and content to keep the time commitment to a manageable level. I love blogging, but I know that when I spend too much time on it I burn out and it feels more like work than fun, and keeping it fun is really important to me!

Are you married? What marriage advice would you give to a couple getting married?
I've been married seventeen years, and I don't really like to give marriage advice unless someone I know personally comes to me for advice! What works for us won't work for other couples, and I think each couple has to figure things out on their own. 

What is your favorite meal or restaurant?
For some
 unknown reason, I had never tried Ceviche until I moved to San Diego. And now it's my favorite dish to order any time I go to a restaurant that offers it. It's also a dish that I would never attempt to prepare on my own so it's always a "treat" when I get it at a restaurant.

What is something that people might be surprised to know about you? 

I grew up as the youngest in a family of nine kids. I have five brothers and three sisters. I absolutely loved it growing up and I still feel very fortunate to have such a loving, supportive family. We all have our quirks and flaws but somehow manage to get along pretty well as adults! 




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