Style Perspectives: How Would You Wear It?

March 02, 2016, by Leslie Roberts Clingan

Fashionista friends, welcome!

My chumlies at The Blended Blog and I are linking-up for a Wednesday fashion series, "Style Perspecitves:  How Would YOU Wear It?" over the next few months.  Each of us will take a turn at sharing a favorite signature look, and then the rest of us and YOU, will create our own interpretation of the featured style.

Somehow (scratching my head), I am styling the first look of the series.  You know it can only get better from here!
So, let's get this party started.
I chose to style wraps.
I think I kinda misunderstood the whole prompt thing because I planned to feature a couple of different wraps.

I grabbed PC by the hand and we headed to
McDonalds, I mean, the mall, to look for what's hot in wraps this spring.

Longish open jackets with big pockets.  Geometric or tribal patterns.  Fringe.  Mixed media.  Neutral colors.
H&M, Old Navy, Marshalls, Papaya.

And then this little cutie at Forever 21.

If that was the year (as in 1979), I graduated from college, am I too old to wear that jacket?
Was afraid of that.

But that's ok because then...
...then I stopped into Charming Charlie.
And found the jacket for me.

There was only one left.
It happened to be a medium.
I can wear a medium or a large...dependin'.
But there was that "Be Shop Free for Three (months)" challenge I signed up for.
And then payday was still a week away.
But when I tried on that medium and it fit... was game over.
Silver.  Lightweight.  Fur.  Long. Lean. Pockets.
Get in my bag.  Get in my
belly, I mean on my body.

Could not wait to come home and play dress-up.

Truly, I do realize that it is almost spring.
It has been over 80 here in El Paso several afternoons already.
But this fur is so light that it is perfect for AC in the afternoons or cool desert evenings out.

First, I paired my jacket with skinny, gray cords from Loft, a white lace tee from Loft Outlet, Fioni sparkly heels from Payless, and jewelry from Charming Charlie.

Then I tried a little more casual take.

Same softy jacket but this time styled with Loft jeans and Payless booties.

You might notice the price tag inside my right boot.  I don't remove shoe price tags.  Goes along with the unwritten rule about not removing the little zip lock plastic bags with spare buttons attached to the clothing label at the neck.  Or that rule about wearing panties the same color as your top.

But I digress.

Here I am wearing my outfit for church and a dinner date afterward with my Prince Charming.

Full-body shot in skinny mirror.

Oh, I love my skinny mirror.  Best $40 fitness plan I have ever purchased.

And then there's real life and the reason I am doing the 21 Day Fix Fitness Challenge.

There you have it.  A look that defines my personal style.  Quirky, faux-fanciness and fun-loving.

Oh, inexpensive and machine-washable, too.

So, I tag's YOUR turn to share a look styled around a wrap that will take you from February to April.

Please link up on by clicking below to show us how you would wear the prompt!

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If you don't blog, no excuses because I would still love to see your look and share it with readers on my blog at Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After.

Thanks for stopping by.

Or as I like to say, chow.
Hugs and kisses,




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