Style Perspectives - Styling a Patterned Blouse with Neutrals

March 23, 2016, by Abbie - Grumbling Grace

Hellooo spring and hello stylish ladies! Are you ready to get your style on? 

Let's start with a recap of the fun and fabulous White Pants Styles with Sarah from last week, shall we?  Here's how the ladies of The Blended Blog styled their pale pants:
And congratulations to these incredible gals who rocked the link-up by posting one link following the prompt! This week's second highest most clicked-on ladies were in a dead tie. Everyone loved...  

The vivacious Vanessa over at X-tremely V:
This is just one of Vanessa's looks Go check her out other looks here!
The ladies were also loving the alluring Alison over at Puppies and Pretties:
I don't know about you, but nautical style gets me every time. Check out her full post here!

And last but not least, with the most number of hits this week... and I'd like to preface this with the fact that I am not just using this platform to self-promote, but that I truly believe people were just amazed to see me out of my pajamas...  
It's me! Abbie from Grumbling Grace!
Oh hi! I showered! Full post here.
Last week as I was looking forward to this week's challenge, I thought "Who came up with this prompt?" Oh yeah. Me. And even though "Patterned Blouse with Neutrals" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue and likely won't make into a top 40 hit song this week, I stand by it.  I'm one of the newer members of the Blended Blog and I need you to know that I'm a certified mombie (mom +zombie) of two little ladies and when I manage to get out of my yoga pants, I demand fashion that can be easily washed (and forgotten 6 times in a row in the washing machine), that is fairly comfortable, and that can hide stains of all varieties.   

Patterns should be marketed as the camouflage of mothers everywhere masquerading as put-together humans.

Now that my secret's out, I've been working to wear everything in my closet and post my weekly outfits, so I'm going to be hitting you with a few different combos that work for me. Here's how I've been styling my patterns with neutrals for spring in Saskatchewan, Canada. 
The awesome Deena from Shoes to Shiraz took these photos on a balmy spring afternoon in Saskatoon. I love these grey cargo pants and I consider forest-green booties to be a neutral. Comfy and the baby loves chewing on that necklace. Win win. Please note that I'm wearing a Fitbit. Next step, actually get moving.

I blame Deena from Shoes to Shiraz for what happened next. The rest of the afternoon was a happy blur but I woke up with a new dress that I'm going to call a "blouse" and here it is. In the words of Edith Piaf, "Non. Je ne regrette rien." 
My friend Katie told me to stand in front of my garage so I did. I feel like there's a message somewhere about heads in ovens and not jumping off bridges but her advice is pretty sound, so back off, moms. Also, florals are a fun way to play with pattern for the spring. Here's how I paired mine with 6000 calories at the amazing Little Bird Patisserie this last Sunday.

Back to real life. A patterned blouse that cuts at the right spot (read- covers mom muffin-top) may distract from your lack of accessories and personal hygiene. 

Colour and more colour (that's 'color', U.S. friends) may mean that the only neutral here is me. I'm in neutral because I haven't slept or had enough coffee yet. Let's try again.
There we go! Pairing my patterned blouse with neutral sandals or booties, black pants and a purse (neutral nautical stripes and taupe) has me back in the patterns and neutral game!
It's not weird at all to be laughing at my hallway while holding a selfie stick. This is a strange strange time we're living in, friend.

One of my favourite teacher looks involves neutral accents and gingham. 

More hallway ponderings. Reflecting on the quiet and calm of 36 teenagers in my classroom over two children at home. Le sigh.

And last but not least, let's throw in a little animal print and I have to include my army green pants. I've been loving army green with everything this spring and it's a neutral that will be carrying me through with hope for green outside until it actually arrives here in snowy Saskatoon!

Selfie face. Why?

I can't wait to see your looks! Here's the full calendar and the other ladies of The Blended Blog. Make sure to link-up below and come back next week for even more fun!

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