Freshening up your Wardrobe with Spring Trends

April 04, 2016, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Deena's Guide to Spring Shopping: Freshening up the Wardrobe with 4 Spring Trends.
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1. Something for your feet:  Yes, you should expect me to start with this.

  • Sneakers- I love having the ability of wearing these with a sweater or graphic tee and jeans or pairing them with a flowy skirt.  I have pumas and converse so my eyes are going to be searching out a retro pair of Adidas this spring.
  • Lace ups (Ghellies)- While I'm not a fan of anything that ties and is expected to stay half way up my leg without falling down and driving me insane, I do love this trend and think I'll gravitate more to a shoe that just laces on the front, like the Vince Camuto and Sam Edelman options below.

2.  Something boho: Think festivals and flowy clothes that make you feel young and free. Or at that make you wish you would have saved your entire wardrobe from the 70s.
What I'm looking for:
  • off the shoulder
  • cut out shoulders

3.  Something floral: with all the 70s stuff, this is hard to miss this year and I don't even know where to start or even what type of clothing to get because I want everything flower: bathing suits, shoes, dresses, tops and pants.  All the flowers, right here, please.

4.  Something that makes you feel like Batwoman: the cape.
This is by far the trend that I'm loving the most. I have a cape blazer on order and am now hunting out a pretty cape dress that I could potentially wear  to my brother's wedding in September. See how one of my favourite fashion bloggers wore the look here.

There you have it, 4 easy ways you can add something new to your wardrobe for spring.  Visit my blog on Tuesdays in April and I will be showing you how I wear these trends for spring.

What trend would you most likely be adding? Happy shopping!

If online shopping were a sport, Deena would win.  In between time browsing for pretty things, she blogs at Shoes to Shiraz and maintains her busy home.  Oh, and she teaches high school too.




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