What does your Graphic Tee say about you?

April 20, 2016, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

Welcome to the week of the graphic tee.  I am super excited to see how people style their tops, but mostly what parts of their personality come out in their personalized portable posters.

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in last week: the statement necklace and cardi.  Look at the variety of looks:

And congrats to the four ladies who tied for the top clicks!  Make sure you pop on over to their posts and see what the buzz was all about.

        Jaymie                             Shaunacey                       Carrie                            Michelle

So let's talk the graphic tee.  I wear them often and have at least 10 in my closet.  So for this post I decided to take graphic tees and dress them up for all levels of outings.

1) The lazy day graphic tee.  Usually mine is paired with a plaid button up or a cozy blardigan, lulus and of course, my padraigs.

2) For running errands: denim vest + graphic tee + jeans and a fun necklace.

3) For a day in the classroom : blazer + graphic tee + jeans + fun shoes

4) A night out: Fun shirt, fun skirt and killer shoes.  I wish I would have put a blingy necklace with this.

All my shirts are from T&J Designs  and I absolutely adore them and I may or may not have my eyes on scoring a couple more. Good news for you today, the lovely ladies at T & J designs are giving my friends 15% off for up to 3 purchases.  Just use the code DEENA15 for your discount.
Don't forget that you can get a cozy sweater and it can still be graphic- it would be perfect for the upcoming campfire season.
In the winter I was really into this graphic sweatshirt.  This was my favourite look (graphic sweater + pencil skirt) :

You can read a previous style challenge post here when I styled some graphic tees and had short hair.

Now what? Well, why don't you head on over to the other ladies participating in this glorious link up and see how they styled their graphic tees. And for added fun, I'm adding some mystery to the link up. Each blogger picked a graphic tee that represented them best...so have some fun trying to find your favourite bloggers!

Blogger 8 

So, what does your graphic tee say about you? Link up with us today or check out our Instagram feed #theblendedblogstyle




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