Back to School : A Teacher's Survival Guide

September 01, 2016, by Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life}

Well it's hard to believe but Back to School time is upon us!  The kids might be dreading it, the parents are loving it and, if you're a teacher like me, you're conflicted about it!

Happy Thursday All!  Katie from The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life Blog, here and I'm so excited to be posting on The Blended Blog today with my Back to School Survival Guide for Teachers.  These are tried and true methods that have worked for me for the past few years and help me to cope with the busy back to school chaos and keep me somewhat sane!  Hopefully with this handy dandy list, you can find something that will work for you too, whether your a teacher or not!

Plan...and not just your lessons!!
These first few weeks (really every single week!!) are often overwhelming for teachers and it's sometimes easy to get caught up in it all.  I've found that my planner has been a huge help.  I've always had a paper planner, but this year I upgraded to the Erin Condren to help keep my life on track.  I sort it out with home activities, school activities, and my blog life.  I get huge satisfaction in checking things off and always have a blast decorating it with stickers!  I'm a tad sticker obsessed!! It's also great to write everything down in, so that you can make sure ALL your time is not taken up on school-related activities!! This is separate from those pesky lesson plans I have to do.  But I hear she has cute lesson planners as well.  Check out the Erin Condren site here!

Treat Yo Self!
If the kids can have brand new clothes and shoes for school, why can't we?  One of my favorite things to do is back to school shopping for a "first day outfit"!  It's something I treat myself to every year.  It's fun, makes me feel good, and gets me pumped to start a new year!  This year I've am wearing a new striped dress I bought during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!!!
This is me on the first day of school last year...I also got this dress during the anniversary sale!  LOL
Head on over to my blog on Wednesday to see what I wore this year!!  We start Tuesday!!  

Email can wait!  Up until 4 years ago this was my biggest downfall!!  Don't check school email after a certain point during the day!  I know most people have email on their phone nowadays, but if you respond to a parent's email at 11 p.m., they'll think it okay to email you then and always expect a response.  Set a limit...maybe 5 or 6 p.m.  Then shut it down and make yourself present for your family the rest of the night.  Or if your single like me, do something for you for the rest of the night!!  I've committed to shutting everything down and reading 30 minutes before bed every night this year!

Laugh...a lot!  Because what's the alternative!?!  While at work, laugh with your friends and co-workers...and do it OFTEN!  These are people you see every single day and guess what?!? They're in the same boat as you!  Even if you don't talk about it often, they have the same feelings and concerns as many times.  Talk and laugh with them.  The day will go quicker.  Same can be said of your students!  Find something to laugh about everyday in class!  Celebrate both successes and failures!!  Failure is a learning experience!! But most of all, have fun!!  Dance parties in your living room at the end of the day work well too!!

Wine a little!  C'mon would I post on TBB without mentioning some sort of acoholic bevvie?!???  Of course not!!    Teaching is stressful!  Wine a little!  Or enjoy your favorite adult beverage on Fridays! Or Wednesdays, or judgement!!  I often say that coffee in the morning and the promise of wine when I get home is what gets me through the day!  I'm only half kidding!!

And if this is you on a Friday night, know that YOU are not alone!  Because there's no tired like "The First Week Teacher tired!!"  I often say that I go to bed earlier on Fridays then any other night of the week!  THIS is NOT a JOKE!!  By Friday I'm just DONE and can't wait for bed.  And if I do go out on a Friday, I'm the one yawning in the corner by 9 p.m.!!  
Wishing all teachers, parents, and their kids a wonderful new school year!!  





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