Blogiversary Scavenger Hunt Giveaway Day 2

September 13, 2016, by Whitney

Welcome to the second day of the Scavenger Hunt Giveaway that we are hosting to celebrate our one-year blogiversary!  We hope you are ready to get to know three more of our contributors in order to enter to win a $150 gift card of your choice!  In case you missed the first day of the scavenger hunt (don't worry, you can still go back and play), here's how to join in the fun:

1.  Read a question below about one of our contributors.
2.  Click on the question to head over to the post where you will find the answer to the question.
3.  Read the post to find the answer.
4.  Enter the correct answer into the Rafflecopter below to earn an entry!  Each correct answer equals one entry!

So grab a glass of champagne, find a comfy spot on the couch and play along with us!

The first blogger you get to learn a bit more about today is Whitney from Whitney à la mode!

Up next is Leslie from Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After!

Question #4: What time was Leslie's granddaughter born?

Question #5: What was special about the family that Leslie met at Ft. Bliss National Cemetery?

Question #6: Where did Leslie buy her cold shoulder top?

Our final featured blogger for today is Shaunacey from Simply Shaunacey!

Question #7: What are the top three activities on Shaunacey's "Big List" to take care of yourself?

Question #8: What is Shaunacey's favorite trick for keeping her delicious guacamole green for days?

Question #9: What is one of the dairy-laden foods Shaunacey expresses her love for in this post?

Once again, enter the correct answers to these nine questions in the Rafflecopter below for nine more entries to win that gift card!  You get nine entries every single day so make sure to come back tomorrow!

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