Fall Friday Feature: Welcome Back Becky!

October 14, 2016, by Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life}

Another Fabulous Fall Friday is here!  Today we are reintroducing you to Becky from @ ByBMG.  You may remember her from her Friday Feature on TBB back in July!  We are so glad she's spending this Friday with us!  Read on to hear more about what Becky loves about this glorious Fall Season!

Complete this sentence: The end of summer finds me....
tired! I love spending summers with my boys, but they sure do keep me busy, especially at their young ages (1, 3, and 6). 

Tell about a back to school tradition you have, either with your own children or one you had a child yourself.
I'm a teacher, and back to school always gives a little sign of relief that we have a routine again, but it also brings a lot of mourning for the lazy days of summer. The first few weeks are always more busy with back to school nights and such, but once we get past that, it's usually smooth sailing.

What is one of your favorite things about the Fall. 
I love the cooler weather and pumpkin everything. I'm a pumpkin addict!

Do you have a fall fashion favorite? 
I really love leggings or jeans and boots!

Is there a a TV show, movie or book you are looking forward to seeing/reading this Fall? Tell us about it! 
I'm not much of a TV watcher, sadly and my reading time has been lacking, so I don't have anything to tell right now! Suggestions?

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Thanks Becky!!
Have a Great Weekend!!




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