October Style Series Week One- Styling Sweaters

October 05, 2016, by Abbie - Grumbling Grace

Happy fall, fashionistas!

It's Abbie from Grumbling Grace and here at the Blended Blog, we are excited to kick off October with the comfy, cozy, flattering layer that is synonymous with fall...

That's right! Pullovers, jumpers, cardigans, ponchos... whatever you want to call them, up here in Canada, I embrace sweater weather (and sweaters) like a warm woolen bear hug.

 In fact, last year I wrote a love letter to loose sweaters...
Because if a sweater that fits like a poncho isn't your jam, can we even still be friends? Via grumblinggrace.com

... and I also shared my stylish sister's collection of saucy seasonal sweaters
Still love this everything about this look!
This year, as I unpacked all my sweaters, I realized that while my photography skill has not improved at all (sorry), many of my sweaters are versatile and timeless.  

Being at home with my two little girls,  I've been building a wardrobe of simple versatile pieces that work for a number of occasions, from infant meltdowns at the pumpkin patch to pumpkin spice lattes with friends. 

Enter my wine colored cable-knit sweater and distressed jeans:
Mine are from Joe Fresh because CHEAP = more expensive coffee for me.

Now I'm not saying that I wear the same outfit every day as a stay-at-home-mom (yes I am), but I am saying I COULD with these closet staples. 

Here's how I'm wearing my chunky sweater this season:

1. Canadian Lumberjack.

Add a plaid shirt. When in doubt, add plaid.

To really embrace this look, I recommend staying up all night with two kids then rolling out of bed eleven minutes before you need to leave the house.

This outfit says "I'm ready for anything" when really I didn't wash my hair and I'm trying to make rain boots socially acceptable. 

Verdict? Toddler approved.

2. Casual Cozy.
'The easier the better' is my current motto in fashion and also cooking.
If you're not cozy enough, add more yarn. I love my handmade infinity scarf from ShepStitched and I like how the primary colors work together to trick everyone into thinking I'm wearing something different than yesterday. 

"Hahaha, you think I showered."
Verdict? Starbucks Socially acceptable.

3. Knit your average evening.
That slogan wasn't quite as catchy as I'd hoped.
On the rare occasion that I'm asked to adult after 7pm, I like to blend in with other humanfolk out on the town. Lucky for me, this doesn't require an outfit change this autumn. 

Sidenote: This gold choker is as close as I can comfortably get to the 90's revival of the black choker necklace. Sorry, Gwen Stefani.

So if you're not comfy cozy in a warm knit, why knot? Yup, too far.

I'm off to do some laundry but don't forget to link up your sweater below and keep on clicking through our Blended Blog hop to see how the gorgeous Carrie, Andrea and Shaunacey are styling their sweaters this week! 

Carrie's up first and I always LOVE the color and style combinations she chooses. 

Get on over to A Lovely Little Wardrobe to check out Carrie's sweater style!




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