Nuggets for the New Year: Me Time

February 27, 2017, by Shaunacey Bonneville

Welcome to the LAST of our Nuggets for the New Year series: Me Time.

"me time" is a big piece of self-care and often one the most neglected aspects of self-care especially as our lives get busy with all the things. Start your week off right, not just by reading about me time but by actually finding yourself some! Don't worry, we'll help with that!

First, you're going to head over to Sarah as she shares her thoughts on me time.

Then you'll head over to Deena and last me, Shaunacey, as we share all things 'me-time'.

Don't forget to link-up your me-time or self-care posts below and stay tuned for next Monday as we start something new and exciting!! (That's all the hints you get for now ;)