Monday Stream: The Universe Has Your Back

March 06, 2017, by My New Happy

On this first Monday of March, as I continue to slog through the winter that never ends (seriously, it snowed again today) and await the spring that can't get here fast enough, I want to talk about something that all of us feel at one time or another.


Honestly, if I think back to my earliest memories, I was anxious even as a child.  Throughout my life there have been times when it was worse, and times when it was better.  Having kids added a whole other level.  I worry about things that have happened, things that might happen, and things that will never happen. I kept hoping that someday I'd wake up and it would be gone. Nope, still there.  I finally realized that while I can't ignore it, I was so dang tired of feeding into it.  And that's when I started my positive fight against anxiety.

Exercising, keeping a gratitude journal, doing volunteer work, spending time each morning in prayer and meditation, and writing have all helped to some degree.  But I kept finding myself sliding back to my anxious ways.

One day while scrolling through Facebook, I saw a short video of a motivational speaker named Gabrielle Bernstein.  I was mesmerized by her talk and felt like everything she said was going straight to my heart. Immediately I ordered her newest book, The Universe Has Your Back:  Transform Fear to Faith.

That book is slowly changing my life.  The first lesson is that even when we make a commitment to change and happiness, we find it hard to give up the fear and anxiety we've grown to depend on.  Staying in that negative place is easy, because it's familiar and safe.

Each of the twelve chapters gives simple prayers, affirmations and exercises to surrender those fearful thoughts and replace them with positive energy, joy and peace.

As I started reading, I was skeptical that anything would change for me.  But as I carefully read through the chapters, I noticed a definite shift in my perspective.  I started to ask myself what would happen if I chose love and possibility instead of fear and worry, something that had never occurred to me before.

That simple shift has made a world of difference.  It's still a work in progress, and probably always will be.  But reminding myself throughout the day that seeing something either through the lens of joy or fear is a choice only I can make.

The Universe (or God, spirit, or truth) really does have my back.  It's up to me to set aside my anxiety and welcome it in.

Have you read any of Gabby's books?  What are your thoughts?




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