Monday Thoughts: When Life Does Not Go Your Way

March 27, 2017, by Daily Style Finds

Hi, I am Lisa from Daily Style Finds.  Happy Monday!  I typically blog about fashion, but today, I thought I would share some encouragement and thoughts about what to do when life does not go our way.

The other day I got an email that asked if things in my life looked like a "Pinterest Fail".  The email included side-by-side pictures of a cake.  On the one side was this perfectly decorated cake from Pinterest, and on the other side was someone's failed attempt to recreate this "perfect" cake.

I know in my life - I always want to create that perfect "Pinterest" cake, but in reality there are set-backs, and life is not perfect, it is "messy" - more like the "Pinterest-fail" cake.

The other week I had a bad week - I felt so defeated - which caused me to spend time reflecting on my life and where I was at in my life, and instead of seeing the "good" - I had started to focus on the "bad" because it is so easy to get wrapped up in the comparisons and the defeat that it totally replaces all the good in life.

So, in thinking about this, I thought of five things I need to remember when things do not go my way.

We are all created with our own unique abilities and talents - things that make us special - and are  unlike anyone else. We cannot spend our life comparing ourselves to others because other people are not "us".  No one is like us - and we need to remember that we were made perfectly - and we do not need to try to be like someone else. 

"Psalm 139 reminds us that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” When we compare ourselves to other people, we notice the things we lack. At other times, we repeatedly criticize ourselves for mistakes we’ve made. How can we have awesome potential when we see so many ways in which we fall short?"

- From this devotional by Charles Stanley

Life may be filled with trials - there is a good chance no life will be without them.  Instead of seeing them as hurdles and big defeats, we need to look at them as opportunities to grow.  Through trials - we grow.  We learn more through the struggles than we do on the mountain-tops.  I  know when I lost my dad suddenly - and had to deal with so many "trials" after he died - I grew more than I ever would have had I not gone through it.

"Sometimes it seems as if the trials never really end - you’re either beginning one, in the middle of one, or just ending a season of difficulties…It's helpful to remember that the dark moments of our life will last only so long as is necessary for God to accomplish His purpose in us."
- From this book that got me through one of the roughest times in my life.

It is easy to grumble - and complain when things do not go our way.  But, if we replace the negative with being thankful - and seeing the positive, it will be a better experience.  I was once told that if I was dreading doing something - that I should tell myself that it was going to be better than expected - and I could almost in my mind change the outcome of the situation.  

"Our words do have power. I encourage you to begin right now to use them to exercise positive power over not only your mental health, but also your physical well-being and everything that affects your life and the lives of the people you love."

 - From Power Words: What You Say Can Change Your Life

I think sometimes we spend so much time being hard on ourselves when things do not go the way we want.  We think we could have changed something or made it better.  The "what if" thought pattern.  Rather than beat ourselves up with what has already happened - we need to forgive ourselves.  Also, we need to forgive others that might have negatively impacted our situation.

"WALK WITH ME in the freedom of forgiveness. The path we follow together is sometimes steep and slippery. If you carry a burden of guilt on your back, you are more likely to stumble and fall."

- From my favorite devotional - sometimes I feel as if it was written just for me.

If you have struggled and experienced defeat, you know what it feels like.  And, because you know how it feels, you can better understand someone else that might go through a trying situation.  We learn best through experience.  We might not enjoy the "learning" time, but at the end, it will leave us better equipped to help others.

"But there is a reason God calls us to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. . . . If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men” (Rom. 12: 15,18). He gave us our emotions to understand one another— so we could reach into another’s deepest wounds and become His instrument of healing to them (2 Cor. 1: 3– 7)."

- From Emotions: Confront the Lies. Conquer with Truth 




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