On Being Adopted

March 20, 2017, by Sarah

Hello Beautiful Friends, Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side here today. If you don't know me, this is my family.

Let me break down this picture for you:

I've been blogging for almost 3 years consistently, and I've never really talked about being adopted, I casually mention it here, but that's about it. I don't know why, maybe it's never come up? Whatever the reason, I'm talking about it now.

Background: Clearly my parents could not lie to me and tell me otherwise, so they have been up front and honest from the get go. Actually my brother and sister (see people above) were also adopted, not from the same biological family, but they have always been up front and honest with all of us. I was born in Seoul, Korea and was adopted and came to the United States when I was 5 months old.

Most Asked Questions:

Are those your real brother and sister?

To me they are, I call them brother and sister, just as you may call your siblings brother and sister. They may not have the same blood line as me, but they will always be simply brother and sister.

Do you ever want to find your biological family?

Every adoptee is different. My biological mother did the most selfless thing she could have done as a mother and gave me up for adoption because she knew she could not care for me.  I am grateful for the family who adopted me and consider myself so lucky to have been adopted into a family who loves and cares about me so much. That being said, for me, I do not have a desire to find my biological family.

Do you ever want to go to Korea to see where you are from?

Yes, one day I would like to go there and see where I once came from, and if possible would love to share that experience with my family, both immediate and extended.

Do you ever wonder if you have biological siblings?

I do actually, and maybe that would be a reason to try and find my family, but for now I am happy where I am in life. Although when I was younger I always wondered if I was a twin and was separated at birth, haha. How cool would it be to find out you have a twin like these girls did. You can find a documentary on their story on Netflix.

I am very open about adoption and love answering questions. As a kid I would rather people ask questions then speculate and/or talk behind my back. So ask away, anything you want to know?




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