The Blended Blog Loves #7 - Inspiration To Be a Better Blogger & Person

March 03, 2017, by Daily Style Finds

Blog writing and blog reading go hand in hand, so The Blended Blog ladies figured we would take a break from our usual Friday Feature of bloggers and instead showcase some of our favorites blogs from the week.

I am so glad you are here.  I am Lisa and I blog over at Daily Style Finds.  I am going to share my top 5 picks to being a better blogger and person.  I hope you love them or find them as helpful as I do.

#1: Old School Fun Aerobic Style Work-Outs
I miss the days of Jane Fonda aerobics - when it was like having a dance party in your living room.    To me a fun workout is dance moves to hip-hop music - that's what gets me motivated.  If you are like me, you might want to check out Arielle from Something Navy who posts snippets of her workout on Instagram.  She works out with a Amanda Kloots from Studio B in NYC.  They are so fun - and something you could do at home. Here is an example of a warm-up type one and a higher energy one.

#2: Most genuine post on 5 ways to grow a blog
Erin from Living in Yellow was one of the first bloggers I followed.  I followed her because she was funny and made me laugh.  Her posts are personable and sometimes just hilarious. In this post, she shares what I feel is one of the most genuine lists of 5 ways to grow a blog.  A lot of times bloggers’ list are cliche, in my opinion, but this one was different - it was “real”.

#3: Creating a YouTube video people will want to watch
You might think I am a little obsessed with Arielle (mentioned in #1), but she has started a YouTube channel - and the first video she did that explains who she is - which I thought was really well done.  It is fun, fast-paced, and it kept me entertained.  (She also does a great wavy hair tutorial, too.)

In her video, she checked off my list all the items I think you need to do to create a successful video, which are: 

1. Be yourself.  Do not use scripts, please. Let your personality come through.
2. Keep it moving.  Let's be honest - people get bored - so keep their attention by moving it along
3. Edit and Edit some more. Take out all the unwanted clips or bad takes.
4. Post production. I love the fun graphics, it just adds a level of professionalism to the piece.
5. Lastly, watch the "Um".  Try to limit the "um" or breaks when you talk.  Be prepared and practice if you need to.

#4 Improve Your Instagram Feed
Have you wanted to know the tools to use for making your Instagram feed look better - this is a really great video.  (And, I like her style, too.)

#5 Favor and Being All You can Be
I had a bad week last week.  And, when it seemed like things were really not going to go in my favor and I was feeling so very discouraged and down, I started looking up verses for God's Favor on Pinterest, and I came across so many meaningful scriptures and quotes that I created a Pinterest board to keep track of them.  (This might not be a "blog" but it is so inspirational - that I wanted to share it.) A few of my favorites were this one and this one.  If you are having a bad week, have faith to believe God is working everything out. As I continue to be awe of how things continue to move forward - I am reminded that I do not need to be fearful.

Link up your best post this week and maybe we'll feature you too, or create a post featuring some of the best reads- we all love meeting new bloggers.




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