The Blended Blog Loves #15

April 28, 2017, by Carrie

Welcome, friends! TGIF, right?! It's time to recap some faves from this week around the blogging world. I'm Carrie from A Stylish Fit and excited to share what I loved this week!


Anne in Residence

Do y'all know Anne? If not, you should stop over and see her. I love everything about her blog. Her organization and topics are always so focused and put together. I love her style because it's simple, chic and polished. Never overdone but always done just right. This week she posted this look and I was wondering how I could quickly re-create it with my own pieces or purchase from her links.  You can read the post and shop her links here.

  photo springy2_zpsdqdtliw9.jpg


Jodie's Touch of Style

What about Jodie? Do you know her? Jodie is on the left and on her blog she represents the age group of the 50's. She features herself and her step-mom Nancy is the 60's group and her mom Charlotte in the 70's group. I don't know anyone else who blogs with this concept where she features a theme or piece of clothing and they each style their way. In this post each of them styled athletic shoes and leggings. Don't they look great and isn't this a fabulously unique way to blog. Love it, Jodie!
 Style & Fashion made for the Older Women


The Southern Couture

I've seen several bloggers out there who do what is called Bible journaling. I'm a little fascinated with concept. Have you heard of it? Well, it's where you illustrate what you've read in Scripture. When I read this post I thought it would be a great share. I love a challenge and this is one I'm thinking about jumping in on during May. The post is here.
 We all could use some focus on faith and trying to grow ours even more. Grow yours using this May Bible Journaling Challenge plus FREE printable. Come print yours NOW!



(In)courage is having a new book club with Lisa-Jo Baker's new book, Never Unfriended. I thought it looked super interesting so I headed to Amazon to check out the book prior to making a book club commitment {because sometimes I can be a great starter but a lousy finisher}. I was quite intrigued so I signed up and stopped by Barnes and Noble on lunch break to grab a copy of the book. You see I've been struggling with friendships ever since we moved. It's a trek to get back into town where my friends live so I withdrawn some and that is never good. Never good!! Time to refocus on those precious ladies in my life! You can check out the details here and it's not too late to sign up.
NU_SweatpantsBookClub_Week1_FB (1)


Wholesome Yum

Can I be honest? I haven't had a real taco in a VERY long time! Why? Because I'm trying to avoid grains, flour and corn. That pretty much wipes out tacos unless I want to wrap them in lettuce. I've done that but the "bready" part of the taco is what makes it a taco to me. Enter a tortilla that I found on Pinterest that isn't flour or corn! AMAZING! I haven't tried these yet but the weekend is here and I'm going for it! Hop on over here and you'll find the simple recipe. Enjoy!

Low Carb Paleo Tortillas with Coconut Flour (3 Ingredients) - This easy, paleo, low carb tortillas recipe with coconut flour requires just 3 ingredients! These gluten-free wraps are also healthy, keto & vegetarian.

That's my favorite loves for this week! Hope you'll stop by and give some love to those who have been featured here! Have a beautiful weekend. Don't forget to link up with us!




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