The Blended Blog Loves #16

May 05, 2017, by Alison @ Puppies and Pretties

Welcome, friends! Alison here from Puppies & Pretties. I don't know about you, but I'm one happy camper that it is Friday! It's time to recap some faves from this week around the blogging world.


This isn't a blog, but I can't help but share it. Whenever talk shifts to "millennial" my eyes start to roll in the back of my head. Turns out, it is probably because I'm an "old" millennial. Granted, I'm kind of in the middle, but definitely relate to the "old" side. I still don't really "get" Snapchat #SorryNotSorry


I am so ready for summer style (read dresses) and this look from Carly is all I want in life right now.


I've got travel on the brain after going to a work conference and the TBB get together coming up soon. Lets just say I want a summer vacation that includes all of these things from Marta at Sweaters, Stripes & Steals.


Remember how I said I went to a work conference? Yeah, I swear they fed us as much as they tried to teach us. So this mindfully eating post from Cook, Wine and Thinker hit me at the perfect time!


Lisa at Daily Style Finds always has such fun posts. And I want it all.





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