Tasty Tuesday: A Nutrisystem Review + Tips

June 06, 2017, by Whitney

Good morning, lovelies!  Whitney here from Whitney à la mode and I'm sharing something a little bit different (and a little bit personal) with you for Tasty Tuesday!

A little over a year ago, I was unhappily staring my thirtieth birthday in the face.  I didn't feel like I was on the right path in life and I certainly didn't like what I saw in the mirror.  But I decided to do something about it!  I wanted to feel good about myself while celebrating the big three-oh in Orlando with my friends and family so I committed to a weight loss plan that seemed to fit my lifestyle, Nutrisystem!

How it Works:

You choose a particular package with a particular price point that works for you.  Within that package, you get variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks from which to choose.  Each month, Nutrisystem sends you your choices in a big box full of food for the next four weeks.  You enjoy the food and while adding your own lean proteins, fruits and veggies!  You also get to indulge in two non-Nutrisystem "flex meals" each week created by you with healthy options from the grocery store.

Stuffed Shells

Why it Worked for Me:

Over the course of a couple months, I lost 15 pounds on Nutrisystem!  I've tried and struggled with so many different food and exercise regimes but this plan really worked for me.  For one, I am busy.  When I started Nutrisystem, I was teaching full-time and coaching cheerleading almost every evening of the week.  Lesson planning took priority over cooking when I finally made it home every evening and having a quick Nutrisystem entrée to throw in the microwave made healthy eating so so easy.  I also lived alone and a busy schedule + no one else to cook for = little motivation to prepare food.  I had no excuse to order Thai take-out when I had dinner waiting in the freezer for me.

Cinnamon Bun

Tips for Success on Nutrisystem:

  • Splurge on the freezer meal package: Is Nutrisystem the best food you will have in your life?  No.  But is it pretty good?  Yes!  Although I found the frozen foods to be a lot tastier than the foods in the less-expensive packages...especially the dinners.  Spending a little bit more on better food will make the plan easier to stick to.
  • Get creative with the veggies: The nights that I didn't have a yummy side dish to accompany my Nutrisystem entrée, I was a lot less enthusiastic about sticking to my meal plan.  Since you pick and prepare your veggies (and you get to eat a lot of them), make those greens something that you are excited to eat!
  • Eat the extras: You are encouraged to eat fat free yogurts, nuts, veggies and fruits...so do it!  When I scrimped on the extras I found myself hungry and more inclined to cheat.  Actually eating the extras helped me to stay full all day.
  • Use your Flex Meals to indulge: Okay, so you're supposed to stay super healthy for your Flex Meals...but I didn't.  I used them to go out to eat with my friends and to enjoy a glass of wine here and there.  Maybe I would have lost weight a bit faster if I had done this the right way but I think this is what kept me on track.
  • Look forward to the snacks: The plan actually involves having a snack after dinner every evening.  I would psych myself up for this snack so it really felt like a reward (even though it was a Nutrisystem snack).
  • Make it work for you: Are you always eating breakfast on the go?  Make sure you're choosing the portable breakfast options.  Do you know that you don't have access to a microwave for lunch?  Choose the ready-to-eat options.  The point of Nutrisystem is to make your life easier, so go with it!
White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

If you live a busy life (and who doesn't?) and are trying (and maybe struggling) to lose weight, I would really recommend the Nutrisystem plan.  I'm not receiving any compensation for this post, but I wanted to share my weight loss journey just in case this is something that might help you to feel better about yourself.  If you have any questions about the plan or are interested in trying it and want a buddy to bounce ideas off of, definitely let me know!

Now don't forget to link-up your (non-Nutrisystem) recipes below!





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