The Blended Blog Loves #11

July 14, 2017, by Sarah

Welcome to The Blended Blog "Loves"...a collection of the best posts on our feeds. Link-Up your best post this week and maybe we'll feature you too, or create a post featuring some of the best reads- we all love meeting new bloggers.

I saw that Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine did this 3 things post, I love that it gives readers a small glimpse into your life. Expect one from me soon, heck, let's all do one!

Next up is Justine, from Little Dove Blog, who created this super cute wedding card holder, actually it could be any kind of card holder, but so dang cute and easy to make too! I just need an ocassion to make this now! This would even be cute to do for an advice card display. People write advice down, clip to the many things you could do with this!

 Don't you ever wonder people's blog process, see if there is something that you could be doing better? I actually found Kayla on Youtube first, her and her husband own a cute planner sticker shop. Anyway, love seeing her blog post about how she goes about doing her process. I sort of love that she puts all the photos into the blog post and then adds the words later on.


I love Jill, from Doused in Pink post this week how she showcased how you can take one piece of clothing and transform it through two seasons. I never would have thought of it! Go check out the details here.

Link up your favorite bloggers and share some love!




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