October 06, 2017, by Andrea Nine

Hi All, I'm Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine and on Friday's here at TBB, we take turns telling you about things we have loved reading on the net over the past week.
As I sat down to write this, I realized that it was difficult to find things to love on social media and internet pages when at the beginning of the week, we saw the evil that transpired. But out if that, we heard about the love! The compassion of our fellow man that we daily think is lost in this world.. 

So instead, I'm sharing some links to the LOVE that arose out of this tragedy. The hands extended, the wraps of warmth, the men and women who risked their lives to help others and the hope extended when it seems there is none. 

Inspiring Acts of Heroism HERE

And this guy who stood for President and Mrs. Trump as they entered the room despite having been shot in the Leg HERE

Inspiring Stories from a Night of Terror HERE

Portraits of the Las Vegas Shooting Victims HERE
Just a few of the fallen

Surgeon Who's Nurse Husband Died While Saving Her HERE

and I fell in Love with Garth Brooks even more because of 
His Message to the Victims of the Shooting

Like Garth Says: Out of the worst, arises the best! Continue to pray for those affected by this tragedy, continue to pray for and show humanity, continue to pray for our country, continue to pray for our world and never ever stop showing the compassion that I know shines in all your hearts!