Tasty Tuesday: 4 Ingredient Appetizer

November 28, 2017, by Christy

Last weekend we had our first parent party for my son's hockey team.  For those of you that don't know, these are parties hosted either at someone's house or at a pub for parents of the players only. No kids allowed!  The ones at a home tend to get more rowdy and last longer and that's exactly the kind we had.  It is such a good opportunity to get to know the other parents that you will be spending the 6 months with at the rink.  Lucky for us, I think we have a great team and I look forward to get to know them all better.

In order to help the host, we each BYOB and appetizer.  Generally there is more than enough of both to last the entire night and more.

I contemplated bringing chips and dip since everyone loves chips and dip but in the end decided to ask my friend who loves to host what I should bring and she was quick to suggest this little meat on a stick number.  When she told me there were only 3 ingredients, 4 if you count the tooth pick I was sold.

Garlic Sausage
Pineapple Chunks
Sweet Chili Sauce

1.  First you cut the sausage in little rounds like this.

While you do this, drain your pineapple chunks.  Note there that these are chucks, not tidbits.  If they are sold out of tidbits use the rings and cut them yourself.  Tidbits are just a little too small for the meat to fruit ratio.

Grad a toothpick and poke a pineapple followed by a chunk of meat.

Continue until the entire tray is full.

Pour the sweet chili sauce evenly over them.  I used about half a bottle.

Finally, throw them in the oven for 15 minutes at 375 degrees and enjoy!

My friend promised that these would be a hot item and that they would all get eaten.  She didn't lie.  I got asked for the recipe and there were only 2 left when it was home time.  Why is it that no one likes to eat the last 2!

Since I still had all the ingredients, I made them again for our family for Sunday night dinner and wouldn't you know it, they were all gobbled up again.  This time I left the pineapple off a few for the kids and even they ate them. This is the perfect appie for people that don't cook much... like me!

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