Christmas Sweater & TBB link up

December 13, 2017, by Christy

We are officially moving into the middle of December with only 12 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!  If you haven't already pulled out your Christmas sweater for the season, it is safe to say it is time.

I remember only a few years ago, it was really hard to find a proper Christmas  sweater with out spending an arm and a leg on one.  Now you can find one at every few stores in the mall for relatively inexpensive.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you could find a pricey one to, but for a sweater I only wear a few times a year, I prefer to explore more budget friendly options.

As I scoured the Internet as research for this post I discovered there are several options when it comes to a festive sweater.  Let me show you a few choices and you decide which you prefer:

The Garland Sweater.  I think you could also name this 'the homemade sweater'.  Grab some garland, sew to green sweater and attach a few tree ornaments... and done.

The Christmas suit.  This is full on Christmas, perfect for the man in your life that wants to get noticed.  It isn't for every one.  For example, if I bought this for my husband he would laugh in my face.  While this isn't technically a sweater, it is a step beyond the sweater.  Let's call it a sweater graduate.

The practical sweater.  Who doesn't want a sweater that can hold your bottle of wine for you??  This beauty of a sweater is no only festive but also useful.

The Christmas Vest.  If you are looking for more of a classic 'ugly Christmas sweater' look, this is where it is at.  I'm not sure I have ever seen a Christmas vest that is remotely cute or on trend.

The light up sweater.  It is like a human Christmas tree.  The more lights at Christmas time the better, right? 

The Pom Pom Sweater.  This one also falls in the classic ugly sweater category and is related to the garland sweater.  I am not sure how you wear your jacket over this one.  Looks uncomfortable to me.

The games sweater.  This one is sure to be a party pleaser!  Who doesn't want to wear a sweater that not only provides warmth, but also entertainment.  Any one up for beer pong?

The double sweater.  If you can convince your significant other that wearing a double sweater is a good idea, he is more agreeable then my husband!  Not only do you lose use of one arm for the evening but you also have to spend the whole night literally attached at the hip.  I bet that Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side could convince her Mr. to wear this one....

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Christmas Sweaters.   While I wish that I had a party to wear each of these sweaters to, in reality, I prefer what I will refer to as a cute Christmas sweater.  Head on over to my blog @ rsquared to see my choice of Christmas sweater!