Friday Loves

March 02, 2018, by Carrie

It’s FriYaY, Frinally! I hope it’s been a great week for you as March is here and the hope of Spring is on the horizon. Hey, this is Carrie from A Stylish Fit and I’m glad to be here to share my Friday Loves. I found some posts that I truly loved and hope you will too. Here goes…


J’s Everyday Fashion posted a pink suit. Ok, truly I’m not a pink girl but I have fallen for it this year. I LOVE this suit even though it won’t be for me in my current workplace, it might just be for you. I actually tried these pants on at Banana Republic but decided they were more pink than I was looking for at this time.

I still can’t get over Modern Mrs. Darcy’s book recommendations and now she has a super cool Book Club. I signed up and we’ll see if it fits into my lifestyle. It’s only $10 per month. That’s like a Venti Starbucks or something like that. Very doable, don’t you think?

Spring Reading is here! Plus Book Club news.

{in}courage me post about a new book coming out in April. Just Open the Door is about inviting people into your home and life. Since this seeking out community is part of my goals through my own Happiness Project, I thought this would be a great read. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon {here}.


I feel as though I always need something food related in a favorite post. Enter this two ingredient frosting posted by Ambitious Kitchen. I’m seriously going to give this a try the next time a get into the kitchen to do a little baking.


Knit by God’s Hand actually had two posts that I loved this week. They can be found {here} and {here}. Just stop and read them both. You’ll be glad you did!

 Knit By God's Hand

That’s a wrap, friends. Have a great weekend and we’ll be back on Monday for TBB Asks – Beauty Edition. See you then…~ Carrie