Dear TBB: Leggings, Concealer and Date Night

April 05, 2018, by My New Happy

Happy Thursday and welcome to the very first Dear TBB!  

Have you ever wanted to poll the room and pick different women's brains about an issue? 

We loved our Friday Feature - The Women Behind the Blog so much that we decided it's time to open up the conversation.  Today we've got four fabulous ladies from TBB giving their honest answers about three important topics:  leggings, concealer and date night!

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to find out how you can have your questions answered in a future edition of Dear TBB.  But now...on to today's questions!

I love leggings, but is it okay to wear them as pants, or is that a fashion faux pas?  I'm always on the lookout for the new, best leggings - what would you recommend?

Sarah:  For me, leggings are not pants, unless you are covering everything, think shirt going to mid thigh range.  Or if you are on your way to or from the gym, like legit gym/working out not just posing like you just worked out.  My favorite leggings to wear with tunics is this one.

Katie:  I'm in the camp that says leggings ARE TOTALLY PANTS!  But only if worn correctly. And by that I mean, with a long enough tunic to cover the tush!  I basically wear leggings on the daily in the winter with cozy sweaters and riding boots.

Shaunacey:  Momlife = leggings.  For me, I feel most comfortable in leggings if I'm wearing a tunic style top that covers my bum.  I love the Hue ultra high waist leggings.  I may or may not have like 6 or 7 pairs.

Abbie: Leggings as pants?  I say all the yes to this trend if they're the right leggings.  I swear by Spanx leggings.  They are thick, high waisted and supportive.  They come in a variety of colours, patterns and textures and I wear them with tunics, sweaters and occasionally to the gym (except for the pleather ones).  The price (around $70) may seem steep but the quality and longevity can not be matched.  I end up tossing my cheaper leggings and my Spanx leggings outlast them all.  If you're looking for a true workout legging, I am obsessed with the Lorna Jane brand for all fitness apparel.  The patterns and prints are so cute and they hold up against many washings (and accidental drying).  These Gothic Rose ones are my fave.

I've got three kids and my husband and I don't get out much.  When we do, we need to maximize our short amount of time, but struggle for fun things to do on a budget.  Any suggestions?

Sarah:  For Mr. and me, we have shows that we watch together after the kids go to bed.  We put the kids to bed around 8:30, then grab a glass of wine and/or snack and head to the couch to watch some TV.  With Netflix, it's a lot easier to find content that we both want to watch, but sometimes it takes a while.  We've gone through a lot of series together on Netflix, and currently we are watching Glitch (we're on episode 3, so far so good).  While we don't get out to dinner too much, having this hour before we have to go to bed makes it feel like we are connecting.  Often times we pause a million times to talk about things about our day that we forgot to tell each other.  When we do get three hours to ourselves without kids, we'll go grab some lunch/dinner at a place that the kids wouldn't normally want to go, then head back home and watch TV.  It's way better than going to the movies and paying $25 just to get in!  We're pretty low key and as long as we're together, we're pretty happy.

Katie: Being single, I can't speak to a date night with the hubby...but a date night on a budget!  I'm in!  I like to save money by going out earlier (if you can) where there's happy hour pricing like two-fers or cheaper drinks or half price apps.  Some chain restaurants (and maybe places in your town) might have these deals late night.  Which may be good for those who can go after putting the kids to bed.  And such prices last for a short amount of time which may work with the short time frame.  But I think something as simple as grabbing a coffee and just spending time together walking around town and window shopping works too.  Cheaper and fun...just being together!

Abbie:  Oh boy.  Give me all the tips.  Currently heading out on a date requires extensive notice, a babysitter and a plan!  I love going for walks, bike riding and hiking so spending time outside with my man are some of my favourites.  Throw in a gourmet coffee and you've got my ideal date.

I keep seeing people apply makeup differently.  Do I put concealer on before or after my foundation?

Sarah:  I put on my concealer after my foundation, and then I always follow that up with a translucent powder or my regular powder foundation (yep, essentially I'm using two foundations, one in liquid form and one in powder form).

Katie:  Everyone puts their make up on differently, and to that I say to each his own.  But I myself put the concealer on first.  When I was little my mom was a Mary Kay consultant and we were taught that the concealer goes first, so it's just what I've done forever!

Shaunacey: I always thought you put concealer on before foundation but I saw something recently that said to do it after.  Mind blown.

Abbie:  Yes.  Just yes.  Over, under, is there a drinkable version?  In the land of chasing toddlers, between lack of sleep and a McDonald's meal here and there, my skin needs all the concealer it can get.  I don't know if it's the hormonal changes after breastfeeding and two pregnancies, but my skin has all the fun issues.  My favourite products to use are Senegence corrective colour concealers (the green one before foundation and the light one after) and Tarte cosmetics Shape Tape, recommended by my amazing pals here at TBB on a recent trip to Seattle.

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