TBB Style - Accessorizing with Glasses

April 04, 2018, by Christy

Today's fashion post is not exactly your regular fashion post. Today I am talking all about glasses.

I wear glasses every day and have for the past decade.  As I got more and more into fashion, I started treating my glasses as an accessory rather than a necessity.  I started collecting glasses. If I was going to wear them every day then I was going to love the pairs I wore.  In the past 3 months I've bought 4 new pairs of glasses, 3 online and 1 in store.

{For the record, my online store of choice is clearly.ca.  Head to my blog to get some tips on buying glasses on line} 

Now, let me show you what I've been buying.

Since I purchased this pair online it is being worn more and more and receiving the most compliments of any pair of glasses I've ever worn. It is a rose gold frame with white corners that mimic a cat eye.  Recently, I have been leaning towards a modified cat eye for a trendy look.  I've had strangers stop me to tell me how much they like my glasses and I happily tell them I paid $80 for them with my clearly.ca promo code.

I am wearing this pair right now!  This is my first pair of tortoise glasses and I can't beleive I waited this long to get a pair.  I consider them a neutral for glasses, like leopard print is for shoes and accessories.  I had to bring these in to get the arms adjusted and even the lady at the glasses store liked them.  This pair I got 2 for 1 with the next pair that are quite similar. They averaged out to be $100 each. Score!

I really liked the boldness of this pair and probably wouldn't have bought them had then not been combined with the pair above. While the brown tortoise seems to be more subued, this one stands out.  I guarantee people will notice these bad boys.  I don't get to wear these nearly enough since my outfit has to be pretty basic to pull these off, and I don't often choose basic when it comes to my clothing!

Finally, I got this pair in store. I was there just to get a pair of online glasses adjusted and while I was waiting I started browsing (of course!) and found these clear frames... I put them on and they were the perfect fit!  I had been looking for a pair of clear glasses and I couldn't stop thinking about these, so of course I went back and bought them and I can't wait to start wearing these more.

I will now be staying clear of the glasses store until next year.  I think I am fully stocked.  Lets take a look at some of the others in my collections.....

My favorite pair of all time are the bottom middle.  They are black Tom Ford's and I am in love with them.  They are bold, black, and classic.  When these start to fade I will replace them with a similar pair. This is the second pair of almost identical glasses that I've purchased.

Where do I store all of these glasses you ask?  When I bought the 4 new pairs in the past few months I knew I needed to find a better way to store them other then shoved in my jewelry drawer.  I decided to use a utensil tray so I could choose a pair daily like I would choose earrings, the key being that I needed to be able to see them all at once.  They are stored safely in my dresser next to all my jewelry.  I wish I would have done this years ago.

While I know that this fashion post doesn't' apply to everyone.... I hope that those that do have the pleasure (?) of wearing glasses have less guilt about owning more than one pair and may consider a utensil tray for storage!

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Now let's see what you are wearing whether it be on your face or your body!