TBB Loves: The Mostly Social Media Edition!

June 15, 2018, by Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life}

Happy Friday All!  Katie here from The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life! 
 Happy to be back at The Blended Blog today sharing some of my faves from the week  around the blogs and social media for Friday Loves.  I am super excited to have only one more week of school left until SUMMER VACATION!!  Woo hoo!  But I've been super jelly of all the peeps all over Facebook and IG who are already off.

Last Friday on Instagram, a few of the Ladies of  The Blended Blog did a fun loop called High Fives for Friday to help others get to know us while inviting everyone to  introduce others to some bloggers and IG'ers that we should know about.  So many ladies mentioned @naptimenation, so I checked her out!  Such a cool feed!!  Definitely give Chrystie a follow here!!

A fairly new blog I began following not too long ago is Always Being Rach.  Originally a IG friend, she launched her lifestyle blog in early May.  It's filled with fashion and fun..my typical blog reads!  HA!  Meet Rach here!.

Last week, Abbie was here sharing her Friday Faves.  This week on Facebook she shared a post about a real life friend and blogger friend, Ashlyn, The Lost Girl's Guide to Finding the World, who's doing amazing and inspirational things. After all the wonderful things Abbie said about her friend, I just had to read her blog!.  And I'm so glad I did...I spent an hour scoping it out. I really enjoyed reading about Ashlyn and her travels, and I may be super jealous over here!!  Am following along now!  You should too!  I bookmarked this packing post fro reference when I'm packing for my trip to see my TBB Friends later this year!!

Ending this week with a Friday Funny...the single girl/teacher in me just had to share!

Hope your coffee is strong and your Friday is short ladies!!  Have a great weekend!!