Summer Style to Fall Fashion - Transitioning Your Wardrobe with the Blended Blog

September 05, 2018, by Abbie - Grumbling Grace

 Up here in frosty Canada, we're clinging to the vestiges of summer with frozen little fingers. Honestly? Currently, changing up my summer to fall fashion is looking a little like this so far...
Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

To fall... 

Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

No white after Labor Day be damned...

But honestly, the weather is cooling down and I'm starting to dream of spiked apple cider and evenings snuggled by the fire so here are the top three ways I transition my more casual mom attire into the cooler months. 

First, I take my favorite graphic tee (thanks Deena from Shoes to Shiraz for this beauty):

And I pair it with an autumnal color. Even if it's toasty outside, it takes the look from summer casual to fall fun! Here I've paired it with wine leggings and lips!

If I'm off to work, I'll add a fun fall jacket or blazer. I am LOVING the men's wear/ oversized jacket trend right now. I'm fairly short so I still try to keep my jackets tailored to my shoulders so I don't look like I'm playing dress-up. 

Deena recently posted this blazer from Aritzia  which I am now drooling over...

Via Shoes to Shiraz

Seriously, ladies, is there any such thing as too many blazers or jackets?? Speaking of... 

As a true Canadian, the best way to autumnize my wardrobe is to add a winter hat, boots and some buffalo plaid (extra points for jeans)...

Sorry, eh? It's my culture.

And last but not least, give me ALL THE COZY SWEATERS AND SOCKS! Yes, I yelled that.

Let's just all agree that Lovely Roots Photography should definitely be taking all my photos. Yikes.

Anyway, more importantly, it's time to break out the comfortable outerwear and somehow through the course of this post, I'll admit that I'm itching to get out all those cozy clothes and start fall fashioning. Can't WAIT to see what you come up with. Link up with us below!