Fall Booties: Style Linkup

October 03, 2018, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

If you had to pick between living without cozy sweaters or fun booties for the fall, which one would you eject from your wardrobe ?
Never mind, stupid game.  That's an impossible question.

This week's topic for our fashion is the bootie....and it took me forever to put together this post because every time I sat down to write it I started singing  Big big booty, but you got a big booty by JLO which happens to be my fave workout song.

I apologize in advance if you end up down the JLO vortex and end up just looking at the beautiful images of her instead of whatever productive work you were intending to do. You might as well have something as background music, so here you go.


Right. This post was about to be about booties and now I think it would be pretty lame if I were to just spam you with random boots when clearly all you're thinking about is doing some squats and lunges.  Do I win if I share a picture of JLo in cute booties?

Well, why don't you link up a couple fashion posts and take a look around to see if anyone other than me has something useful and fashiony to share.  Or you could head over to my blog (Shoes to Shiraz) to see the cute pair of booties (for the feet) that I'm sharing (okay they aren't really booties but whatever).