Let's Get Graphic! | Style Linkup

October 17, 2018, by V @ X-tremely V

I have a confession: I'm a graphic tee junkie!

It started when I was a little girl - I wore tees that sported my favorite football and baseball teams.
I had concert tees and even fun character tees like Jem & The Holograms.
 (If you are a child of the 80's you know what I am talking about).
I just love how a graphic tee can express my thoughts or my likes without me saying a word.

Fast forward many years and my love for graphic tees is stronger than ever!
A few years ago my husband mentioned to me that I might have to give up wearing them all the time to appear more classy and such.
And you know what?
He and our son are huge graphic tee fans now too!

Now they are the "cool" thing to wear these days.
Kind of like Cleveland...


Because I have so many of them I have had to designate when to wear them - suitable for public wear, bedtime, game days, etc.

And I keep adding more to my collection!
I can only imagine how many I would have if I actually took that Cricut I have had for a good 8 years or so out and put it to use!
Sarah I need lessons ;)

Head over to my blog to see what tees I have picked up recently and what I have in my shopping cart!

Now I want to see what graphic tees you have and how you style them!

Link up your blog post below, or share an image on social media and use #theblendedblogstyle or #tbbstyle
And tag me while your at it @xtremelyv
I am always looking for more graphic tees ;)

XOXO ~ Vanessa