Self Care Monday: link up

October 08, 2018, by Deena @Shoes to Shiraz

First I want to thank everyone for the support over the past 3 years- this space has been a fun place to curate.  Secondly- I want to congratulate Erin Hertz for winning our blogaversary draw a couple weeks ago.  I'll be in touch this week.

We have some great themed Mondays coming up this month and we'd love to hear your ideas.  No worries if you aren't a blogger and can't link up with us- comment on our Facebook posts or share in an Instastory- don't forget to tag us so we can see what you shared. #tbbasks

Because you are such an important person and taking proper care of yourself is a rewarding investment of your time (but also probably the most common practice that gets pushed aside first because of life)- I have put together a plethora of posts that cover self-care from all angles.  I was very happy to find that this is a topic we speak about often, so hopefully you can find something that resonates well with you!

Shoes to Shiraz :
Happy Me-Here is my list of things I do make myself feel great.

Self-Care Series on Friendships- I need time with my friends, this is a look at how we've made 30 years of friendship work.

Simply Shaunacey:
5 types of Self Care- this covers and explains some ways that maybe you didn't see represented in Self Care.

Big Self Care List-   One giant list of things you can do for yourself.

A Stylish Fit: 
Well Being and Body Image- Carrie puts a spin on how she sees herself by talking about body image.

Grumbling Grace:
Making Me a Priority-  Abbie did a series called Mombies Unite and this is an entry by Christy who put a spin on motherhood and me time.

Thinking Big When You're Feeling Small-  Abbie's the voice that you want to have in the back of your mind when you are losing yourself in the piles of life.  This is a great feel-good read.

My New Happy: 
All you Need is Love- Lana just posted this last week and I think what she feels is something we can all connect with.

 Foxy's Domestic Side:
  5 Tips for Moms- I love that Sarah speaks to     the  mom in us with her self care tips.

 X-tremely V:
 Self Care- Vanessa's tips are realistic, simple   and  definitely something you can do today.

 This Blonde's Shopping Bag:
 Self Care and Wellness- KellyAnn gives an   honest look at what wellness looks like in her   everyday.

Living on Cloud Nine:
Love Yourself - Andrea speaks about the importance of loving yourself first.

Toronto Sam:
Self Care- I bet you can relate to this post!

It's my Girls' World:
Self Care-  Sarita gives some practical tips that anyone could incorporate into their busy lives.

We'd love to hear from you- link up your self-care posts or pop over to Instagram or Facebook and share with us there.