What Brings Me Joy!

December 10, 2018, by Carrie

Hello, there Blended Blog friends! Glad you are here today for the What Brings Me Joy Link-up. By the way, this is Carrie from A Stylish Fit. I have a little {ok, a lot} absent from blogging here and on my own blog lately. I went back into the classroom this Fall and my free time changed drastically as did my blogging schedule. But I'm thankful to be here today to share what's bringing me joy. 

The Christmas season always brings me joy. It brings about sweet memories from my childhood and a great appreciation for all of the moments with my immediate and extended family.  I cherish those memories and am thankful for my family. 

Currently, what is bringing me joy is the sweet memory of our Third and Fourth Grade Christmas Program last Thursday. It was entitled Back to the Manger. Those sweet children sang and acted their little hearts out. I didn't actually get to see the entire program because I was backstage helping with costumes and such. That was a blessing in disguise since I was bawling my eyes out. It always happens that way. The sweetness of the season and their voices along with their hard work all coming together just moves me in my spirit. 

The kiddos in all white are most of my students. 

The girl in white singing a solo is in my class. She did a fabulous job!

 These two had speaking parts and were totally on point. They were a little nervous and I was able to pray with them before they went on stage. 

My cup was full on Thursday evening. Friday was another story. We were all exhausted but savoring the sweet things in our hearts. 

What's bringing you joy? Can't wait to see your post and find out. 

Have a beautiful week!