Fresh Starts - Resolutions and New Beginnings

January 21, 2019, by Kellyann Rohr

Happy Monday friends! I'm Kellyann from This Blonde's Shopping Bag. I couldn't be any happier today as our topic is one I am passionate about! If you aren't really familiar with who I am, besides being a blogger I am also a School Counselor and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. For fifteen years I worked part time as a Weight Watcher's Leader too so if we're talking about resolutions and goals, I'm your girl! Wanna know what I'm doing this year to live my best life? Well you'll have to visit my blog today to find out!

So here we are at January 21 - a good 3 weeks into the new year. Seems like the majority of people no longer set resolutions. Instead we're all about goals and words of the year! Regardless of what side of the coin you land, the bottom line is this: we are always evolving, always looking for ways to do things better, to be better versions of ourselves, and live our best lives. Do you agree?

Let's take a look at some fail proof ideas and thoughts to help you with your fresh start!

  • Be specific in your goal. Wanna lose weight? State how much.Want to eat healthier? Define what that means exactly. For example: eat 5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables a day.
  • Make sure your goal is a good fit with your life. You'll set yourself up for nothing but frustration if you impose nearly impossible expectations on yourself. If you have a family who depends on you that may be a factor to consider if, for example, you are resolving to work out at the gym every day
  • Flexibility is key. When we set a goal or resolution for ourselves we have clear ideas of how we want to end up (that's ideal). But along the way we may need to modify the path we take. be open to that. If you encounter difficulty with one aspect of your plan find a way to work through it!
  • Accept setbacks. None of us is perfect but each of us can learn from a setback. Embrace them, they help us do things better! Don't allow a setback to derail your plan. Think of it this way: would you throw away an entire set of china because you broke one plate? Don't let a setback keep you from getting what you really want!
  • Write it down! Is it your word of the year, your resolution, or your goal? Write it down and put it someplace you'll see it often. 
  • Break it down.. Come up with a plan for how you'll make it happen. Listen - even if it's a word you chose - what does your life look like when you live by that word? What steps do you need to take to realize your goal?
  • Ask for help. It's not a sign of weakness rather it's a sign of strength. All of us is smarter than one of us!

Obviously I could go on and on here but the bottom line is this: if something is important to you, if it has meaning in your life you will do it or at least make great strides getting there! Be sure to link up with us below!

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