Never will I ever

January 30, 2019, by Shaunacey Bonneville

Happy Wednesday!!

Today we're talking Trends/Looks that you just will NOT do so I thought I'd share a few that come to mind for me.

Never will I ever wear:

Clear shoes/boots - what is the point of a shoe you can see-through? It's like a throw back to the "jelly shoes" of my childhood. I have seen this look as a trend and I just can't for so many reasons. Just Google "clear shoes sweat" and you'll see my #1 reason.

Fanny pack - are they still called that? You know, the purse around your waist. I'll stick with my crossbody bags but that fanny pack is a hard-no for me.

Low-rise jeans - speaking of flashbacks. Yes, there was a time where all I would wear were super low-rise jeans. How did I ever think this was comfortable? Give me all the high-rise mom jeans to hold this post-babies body in.

Crop tops - maybe if I hadn't had three kids and wasn't pushing 40... but that's not the case so this momma will not be baring her midriff ANY time soon.

Is there a trend or look you'll NEVER do?? Please share in the comments and link up your fashion posts below

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