16 going on.....Best look from your teens

March 13, 2019, by Nicole

The year was 1996.  The song at the top of the charts was the Macarena, and Independence Day was the number one movie that year.  I often wore slip dresses over-top white tight t-shirts. I ironed my hair with…..an iron. Yes, like a legit iron.  I wore black eyeliner like it was my job, and way too much mascara and Toast of New York lipstick by Cover Girl.

Trying to find my 'best look' is rather difficult, as I was always the one with the camera, and never in photos. But here is one I could dig up of me. Its out of focus, because it was 1996 and no one knew what they were doing.

Don't be jealous of this hair. 

My day to day style, if I remember correctly would have been Levis Jeans, some sort of band tee or fitted tee I guess. Apparently turtlenecks as well. And belts with massive buckles. Sigh.

Also we all had those knitted sweaters from Balta, the crunchy granola type sweaters like this:

What’s really funny is my 16 year old daughter dresses pretty similar to 1996 me. Even with the added pressure of having to look like a Kardashian and social media, she wears no makeup and looks stunning Au Natural.

This is her take (yes, she wears those mom jeans on the regular) on my outfit above. 

It’s funny to me how the styles keep repeating themselves. She even looks around thrift shops looking for Levis 501’s. She wants Doc Martens and Birks like we had back in the day (to wear with chunky mens work socks).  And just like my parents, I say “get a job” because not a chance am I buying my 16 year old $100 sandals.

I’ve turned into my mother!!

What did you wear when you were 16 - or, better yet, what are your teens wearing?

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